The course is intended for students to develop confidence and fluency in five key communication contexts: socialising, telephoning, presenting information, participating in meetings and handling negotiations. The course has twin aims: improving communication technique and developing and consolidating the target language appropriate to the above communication contexts.

The students should be encouraged to reflect on their own performance, to identify ways in which it can be improved, and to monitor both the accuracy of their language and the effectiveness of their communication skills.

The course is primarily geared towards improving speaking and listening skills, though reading and writing tasks are also included.

Students are encouraged to make their own suggestions based on their own experience, however limited. There is plenty of scope for eliciting students' ideas, impressions and opinions.


The course has four modules: Meetings, Presentations, Negotiations and Telephoning. The modules contain many recommendations for effective communication strategies and at the same time build up the students' repertoire in terms of language.